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Quick Start

To quickly get started with using Tenancy Manager, you will need to have at least one landlord and one letting unit. A tenancy isn't technically required to use functionality but there wouldn't be much point without one!

Add a landlord

Available in both landlord and letting agent plans

With the landlord plan, a landlord will have already bee created using your sign up credentials and you should have been directed to insert additional information such as address and contact numbers.

With the agent plan, a landlord will also have been created in the background but it will initially be marked as "inactive". You can set this to active in settings->agent contact->I'm also a landlord and own my own property.

Add a letting unit

Available in both landlord and letting agent plans

A letting unit is anything which you are letting. It can be a house, flat, bedroom, garage, storage, business use or car parking space. There should be one entry per letting unit. For example, if you are renting a whole house on one tenancy, you just need the one letting unit (e.g. 109 Franklin Road). However, if you let each room individually then each room should be added as it's own entry e.g. Room 1, 109 Franklin Road, Room 2, 109 Franklin Road ...